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scan0034 - final spatial 506 Final C5696 Spatial DB's...

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Unformatted text preview: final spatial 506.txt 5/18/2006 Final C5696 Spatial DB's Spring 2006 \ l. (an) ESRI, probably because of love of higher resolution, prefers which of the following formats? ( ) (i) -9if ( ) (ii) .ico ( ) (iii) -jpg (vr (iv) .tif ( ) (v) .hres (b) One file we looked at in Lab6 was called usa.shd What does the .shd suffix indicate to us? The locations of all toolsheds in America? v M=AW ARC/INF WW "a 3‘ _._ 514 / .5kd : A‘¢‘/"=~J Atc/pjhs (3L Irv :z'lfs‘yhahp' I' < - (c) In Lab 6, we wanted to add a Missoui faults theme to a Missouri base map. Why did we need metadata about the theme? Vflm W U g?) d) 1n La W o- iconified {Whom gl‘he T M "name" (tool 3.}; text‘ thi: tool \)}/2. Give two reasons for possibly storing ESRI shapefiles in a spatial database like Oracle spatial iW WW u» 74/“ M Mai/QM MW ng/fl/{W Q‘l'n" “"‘” v, “A if (a, —;3 6: H» buf b Surrw L ”\‘Wfl’ "' {\‘C‘W'( Eran( M 3. This question is about SDO ELEM INFO of Oracle spatial. In the triple (1, 1003, 4) explain— briefly t e s nificance of M (i) the first component, 1 Q W (o €§t¥> (ii) the second component, 1003 Q— W W 7% SDOCvaé) 1 03$ 1. I . A (iii) the third component, 4 f 1W y,ul.u./v‘ ref \ mepva‘rflTIdM (I7 cm sTMT: r‘ (mum I), 4. Suppose soo GTYPE is 2002 ( OLTT) . . v/ . 4’) “w“ (i) the first 2 indicates‘M ( 2 ) Arm Wu.” 1 (ii) the second 2 indicates W ( LN (9’7 W) A\,»...- “ g1 Lg 5. if SDO_SRID has value 8307, what must be true of the ordinate { LJCW gt,» ‘ fizfirray? —/.\ (MN; 41 v 7, ' . 641M121 WM/GFS (M Mic) Wm; ...
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