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scan0036 - nal spatial 506 6 When is the/field 300 o the...

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Unformatted text preview: nal spatial 506.txt 6. When is the/field 300 o the two arrays? .e“\ ‘ / 8' e\<”>rfvc" J“%”1“ 5/18/2006 POINT used in an SDO GEOMETRY object? V;)/ .e. when is it non-null?;] If it is non-null, what happens t I 317 it; w«49m«f‘— ’V~A*LI , VVFL Ls0t-e N~Lk££i«¥*j “" MM 8. Consider (a) the boundary of a lake which contains a large island, and (b) California, which has a chunk of N.America, and 3 offshore islands. In Oracle spatial terms, briefly discuss the differences in how these regions are represented. 35 VW PW g rhq‘}lp0‘7gav\. {v3 CMM 9. The Oracle utility that can load data from a file of d comma (or pipe) separated values is SQ l. ( mfigg ;; § 0L j, P0 7. In MDSYS.CS_SRS, the cs stands for Y W W 10. Oracle hosts an unsupported but ggg§§g=§§;;isy for loading ESRI shape files into Oracle spatial named 34: F2 gig . The expected inputs are the ESRI files with suf ixes (extensions) I I and t and the outputs have extensions . , - , and . 1 . When 615 people talk a out geocoding, the input is i./ ‘ 'and output is 12. The name of a jdbc Oracle thin style driv r that works with java 1.4 or java 1.5 is Qfififlflm (99de 13. The xtra oracle file needed to make struct work in jdbc with Oracle spatial is ' (lawn 0-0150 -RD :,0Jd5cleuv -nd getAttributes( vZ'qu 14. Give an approximate example of a clause you would add to an R—tree index request, that would give you a quadtree index instead (in Oracle spatial) Wham; L: {g % (SQ-flulgraq 15. SDO_NN works better with the {Rthee, uadtree} index. 1m4flb¢fi~ubwl Q44 itevukul'Cd£::::) ( 9LLcutL 16. Given two 'geometries ' as input, SDO_GEOM.SDO_INTERSECTION \ ) 2- hit W returns (give a somewhat technical description, including type+”’”m /“ 1 I10 PD\'D\'<“ ‘n\(r 2Z3 Draw in the convex hu fix. §(r\" had gmmrlw'r' 1}“ I“ ll of the polyline in the figure below MW rho- QWW “I, w 'tu/ ...
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