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scan0047 - Just for completeness we will see what ESRI does...

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Unformatted text preview: Just for completeness, we will see what ESRI does to integrate standard photos. There are variouslemmmmmmnga a GUI or computer image. One way is to change every one thousandth it. This is like a boo based code where sender and receiver know the pattern, but the text varies from day to day. A second way is for sender and receiver to know where on a frame or image a right mouse click will reveal a popup window. If you are egotistical, a; click on an eye, snoopye—click on a nose, so forth. V0 (W(a Arcview has hotfllinkg, and there is no intended secrecy. The tool icon kind 9 ‘ l‘xr‘k‘ looking like a lightning bolt is the hot link tool. Click on a feature Y‘O» with that tool, and an image might pop up. i ( Make a new view and add your unprojected Missouri map and your unprojected MOcites layer. In \\Cathouse\gis you will find three more tiff files. You want to attach CAPITOL to Jefferson City, FARMERS to Springfield, and STLOUISiARCH to St Louis. Here is how to do Chat. Open the MOcities attribute file. From the Table menu, start editing. From the Edit menu, Add a Field named_Picture.Ligk. Select thewidith‘ TEEIeTtool (I and an arrowKisufhe icon), click on Picture Link field, and type in links to the three pictures. If you copy the pictures to a folder containing the MO and MOcities shapefiles, you need only type the picture name. This is recommended purely as an organizational ploy. Don't hesitate to start the View over and do it right. One bit of chicanery remains. We must tell the hotlink tool, on a ’9 VVDV“E2 per layer basis, which field to use for its links. Click on the »\y.(wt cities_lgyer+_thenio$éekeea—Eheme, and thenggggggrties. In the Theme , .»~ “ . . ‘ ‘ ‘rs’ *"’I ‘w . " Properties Window, select the Hotlink button from the list on the left. i‘ \(“y In the Field field, select Picture Link; for Predefined Action, select <,( \~,,z hinkgtg_;mage File. Click OK. i y pv'.. \/ when all goes well, the hot link tool should pop up the pictures. Arcview does not seem to take kindly to .jpg formats. This is kind of a shame since shared photo sites usually are jpeg formatted. This facility works best with one picture per feature. E.g. if you had a National Parks theme, one picture per park would be loverly. ...
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