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scan0056 - 1 Spatial Concepts Oracle Spatial is an...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Spatial Concepts Oracle Spatial is an integrated set of functions and procedures that enables spatial data to be stored, accessed, and analyzed quickly and efficiently in an Oracle database. Spatial data represents the essential location characteristics of real or conceptual objects as those objects relate to the real or conceptual space in which they exist. This chapter contains the following major sections: I Section 1.1, "What 15 Oracle Spatial?” I Section 1.2, "Object~Relationa1Model" I Section 1.3, "Introduction to Spatial Data" I Section 1.4, "Geometry Types" I Section 1.5, "Data Model" I Section 1.6, "Query Model" I Section 1.7, "Indexing of Spatial Data" I Section 1.8, "Spatial Relationships and Filtering" I Section 1.9, "Spatial Operators, Procedures, and Functions" I Section 1.10, ”Spatial Aggregate Functions" I Section’ 1.11, "Geocoding" I Section 1.12, "Spatial Java Application Programming Interface" I Section 1.13, ”MDDATA Schema" I Section 1.14, "Performance and Tuning Information" I Section 1.15, "Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Conformance" I Section 1.16, "Spatial Release (Version) Number" I Section 1.17, "Spatial Application Hardware Requirement Considerations" I Section 1.18, "Spatial Error Messages" I Section 1.19, "Spatial Examples" I Section 1.20, ”README File for Spatial and Related Features" Spatial Concepts 1-1 ...
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