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scan0072 - MDDATA Schema oracle spat ial topo provides...

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Unformatted text preview: MDDATA Schema - oracle . spat ial . topo provides support for the Oracle Spatial topology data model, which is documented in Oracle Spatial Topology and Network Data Models. l oracle . spatial . uti 1 provides classes that perform miscellaneous operations. For detailed reference information about the classes and interfaces in these packages, see Oracle Spatial lava API Reference (Javadoc). 1.13 MDDATA Schema Effective with Oracle Database 10g, Spatial creates a user and schema named MDDATA, using the following internal SQL statements: CREATE USER mddata IDENTIFIED BY mddata; GRANT connect, resource TO mddata; ALTER USER mddata ACCOUNT LOCK; You should use the MDDATA schema for storing data used by geocoding and routing applications. This is the default schema for Oracle software that accesses geocoding and routing data. 1.14 Performance and Tuning Information Many factors can affect the performance of Oracle Spatial applications, such as the use of optimizer hints to influence the plan for query execution. This guide contains some information about performance and tuning where it is relevant to a particular topic. For example, Section 1.7.2 discusses R-tree quality and its possible effect on query performance, and Section 1.9 explains why spatial operators provide better performance than procedures and functions. In addition, more Spatial performance and tuning information is available in one or more white papers through the Oracle Technology Network (OTN). That information is often more detailed than what is in this guide, and it is periodically updated as a result of internal testing and consultations with Spatial users. To find that information on the OTN, go to http : //www . oracle . com/technology/products/spa:ia1/ Look for material relevant to Spatial performance and tuning. 11\5 Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Conformance Oracle Spatial is conformant with Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Simple Features Specification 1.1.1 (Document 99-049), starting with Oracle Database release 103 (version Conformance with the SQL92 with Geometry Types Implementation means that Oracle Spatial supports all the types, functions, and language constructs detailed in Section 3.2 of the specification. 1.16 Spatial Release (Version) Number To check which release of Spatial you are running, use the SDO_VERSION function. For example: SELECT SDO_VERSION FROM DUAL; _., A,_a_a SDO_VERSION 10 2 ,o.o 0 1-16 Oracle Spatial User's Guide and Reference ...
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