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Pop Culture Paper Abstract - breaking the norm they receive...

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Karla Lopez Women Studies 150 Professor Leila Rupp, Tracy Royce M5pm 20 April 20, 2009 Pop Culture Paper My pop culture paper will focus on reality love shows such as “Flavor of Love”, “For the Love of Ray J”, “Bret Michael’s Love Bus”, “I Love New York”, and “A Shot of Love: Tila Tequilla”. These reality shows depict love, romance, and even some sex being commercialized and commoditized for others to see. Shows such as these go against the “bad girl”/”good girl” norm by dating several men/women at a time, and sometimes even having sex. Though they are
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Unformatted text preview: breaking the norm they receive a different public response from society just because they are on T.V. I will also analyze the differences between the male and female shows, to depict how each fights for the affection of the person different. Finally, I will take a little more focus on Tila Tequila’s show to analyze how her search for a partner, being a male or female, was portrayed and semi-accepted by society....
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