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Systems Analysis - Tutorial Week 2 True/False 1. The support phase includes maintaining and enhancing the system. 2. The first activity in the project planning phase is to develop the project schedule. 3. The initial definition and scope of the business problem is one of the objectives of the analysis phase. 4. The support phase is the shortest and least expensive phase of the system development life cycle (SDLC). 5. No system is successful unless the users understand it and can use it appropriately. 6. Implementation is the actual construction, testing, and installation of a functioning information system. 7. The project planning phase is normally long and is not important in the overall success of the project. 8. The application is the portion of the new information system that satisfies the user’s needs in the problem domain. 9. The UP is now the most influential system development methodology for object-oriented development. 10. Structured programmming and top-down programming are identical concepts. Multiple Choice 11. The primary objective of the analysis phase is to ____. a. analyze the capabilities and structure of the previous system b. prioritize the alternatives for a new system c. determine the basic structure and approach for the new system d. understand and document the users' needs and requirements 12. The problem domain is the part of systems development that refers to the ____. a.
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TutorialWeek02 - Systems Analysis - Tutorial Week 2...

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