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NOTE: All page numbers referred are from the textbook, Satzinger, J, Jackson, R.B. & Burd, S.D. (2007) . Systems analysis and design in a changing world, (5 th ed.). Boston, Massachusetts: Course Technology. 1. List and explain the activities of the project planning phase. See page 84 for a brief description of each of the following activities: define the problem, confirm project feasibility, produce the project schedule, staff the project, and launch the project. 2. List the seven reasons why projects fail. Some primary reasons why projects fail, or are only partially successful, include the following: Incomplete or changing system requirements Limited user involvement Lack of executive support Lack of technical support Poor project planning Unclear objectives Lack of required resources 3. List the five reasons why projects are successful. The success factors are, in most cases, just the reverse of those for failures. Some reasons for success are the following: Clear system requirement definitions Substantial user involvement Support from upper management Thorough and detailed project plans Realistic work schedules and milestones 4. What are three reasons projects are initiated? Projects are initiated to respond to an opportunity, to resolve a problem, or to conform to a directive. 5. Define project management. See page 76. Project management is the organizing and directing of other people to achieve a planned result within a predetermined schedule and budget. 6. Explain how information system project management is similar to project management in general. The project planning phase of the SDLC consists, essentially, of project management activities, and project management is a part of each SDLC phase. The entire information system SDLC can be planned and scheduled. Page 1 of 4
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TutorialWeek03Ans - Systems Analysis - Tutorial Week 3-...

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