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Systems Analysis - Tutorial Week 4 NOTE: All page numbers referred are from the textbook, . Systems analysis and design in a changing world, (5 th ed.). Boston, Massachusetts: Course Technology. 1. What is the difference between functional requirements and nonfunctional requirements? 2. Explain the use of a discovery prototype and an evolutionary prototype. 3. List and describe the three fact-finding themes. 4. What is the objective of a structured walkthrough? 5. Explain the steps in preparing for an interview session. 6. What are the benefits of doing vendor research during information-gathering activities? 7. What categories of stakeholders should you include in fact finding?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. What is meant by vertical and horizontal dimensions when determining which users to involve? 9. What is JAD? When is it used? 10. What is BPR? What does it have to do with systems analysis? 11. What technique is used to validate user requirements? 12. Describe the open-items list, and explain why it is important. 13. What do correct , complete , and comprehensive mean with regard to systems analysis? 14. List and describe the seven information-gathering techniques. 15. What is the purpose of an activity diagram? 16. Draw and explain the symbols used on an activity diagram. Page 1 of 1...
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