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Practice Exam - ITC114/423 Practice Exam Time given 2 hours...

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ITC114/423 Practice Exam Time given: 2 hours Student Name: _____________________________ ID: _____________ Short Answer Questions: 1. Explain multi-valued attributes, and provide an example. How are multivalued attributes indicated in the Chen model? How are they indicated in the Crow’s Foot model? 2. What is a weak relationship? Provide an example. 3. What steps are involved in the conversion to third normal form? 4. Explain the BCNF. How is it related to other normal forms? 5. In what two cases are composite primary keys particularly useful? 6. Explain what a relationship is and list the different types of relationships 7. What is meant by a derived attribute? Illustrate by giving at leas t one example 8. What is meant by a A single-valued attribute? Illustrate by giving an example 9. Explain the meaning of a transaction in DBMS 10. What is the purpose of Concurrency Controls? 11. List the functions or responsibilities of the DBA
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Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. End-user data is ____. a. raw facts about the end-user b. raw facts of interest to the end-user c. data about data d. accurate, relevant and timely information ____ 2. A ____ is a collection of related records. ____ 3. The relational data model was developed in the ____. ____
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