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3.1List the name of each event type, and the number of times that event is recorded as having been on. T2Q 3.1 SELECT event_name, COUNT(*) AS number_of_events_with_this_name FROM event GROUP BY event_name; event_name number_of_events_with_this_name Dressage 3 Flag and Pole 1 Jumping 1 Led in 3 3.2List the name of each show, and the number of different times it has been held. List the show which has been held most often first. T2Q 3.2 SELECT show_name, COUNT(*) AS number_of_times_held FROM show GROUP BY show_name ORDER BY COUNT(*) DESC; show_name number_of_times_held Dubbo 2 Young 1 Royal Easter 1 Castle Hill 1 3.3List the number of judges having each name. T2Q 3.3 SELECT name, COUNT(*) AS number_of_judges_with_this_name FROM judge GROUP BY name; name number_of_judges_with_this_name Gates 1 Green 1 Smith 2 3.4For each show, list the show name, date held and the number of events at that show. T2Q 3.4 SELECT show_name, show_held, COUNT(*) AS events_contested
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Section-3-Week+10+Test+Soln - Section 3 Test - Solutions...

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