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Tutorial Week 01 - Solutions _____________________________________________________________________________ _ Tutorial Week 01 - Solutions Week 01 – Introduction to the Management of Information Security Review Questions 1. A globally interconnected commercial world has emerged from the technical advances that created the Internet. Has its creation increased or decreased the need for organizations to maintain secure operation of their systems? Why? Answer: Its creation has increased the need for organizations to maintain secure operation of their systems. Because with more and more people connected the potential for security problems is much higher due to the interconnected nature of the systems. 2. Which trend in IT has eliminated the “we have technology people to handle technology problems” approach as method for securing systems? Answer: In the past computers were centralized, now computers are everywhere so there is a broader range of issues, from the protection of data to the protection of human resources, information security is no longer the sol responsibility of a few people in the company, it is the responsibility of everyone. 3. List and describe an organization’s three communities of interest that engage in efforts to solve InfoSec problems. Give two or three examples of who might be in each community. Answer: Information security community - Information security managers and professionals. Information technology community - Information security technology managers and professionals. General business community - Non technical managers and professionals. 4. What is the definition of security? How is a secure state usually achieved? Answer: Security is defined as “the quality or state of being secure – to be free from danger.” It means to be protected from adversaries and other hazards. Security is achieved with several approaches usually undertaken singly or used in a combination with one another. 5. List and describe the specialized areas of security. Answer: Physical security – strategies to protect people, physical assets, and the workplace from fire, unauthorized access, etc. Personal security – protection of the people within the organization.
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TutorialWeek01_Ans - ITC482 Computer Management Security...

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