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Tutorial Week 02 - Solutions _____________________________________________________________________________ _ Tutorial Week 02 - Solutions Week 02 – Planning for Security Review Questions 1. What are the three common layers of planning? How do they differ? Answer: Tactical planning - Tactical planning has a shorter focus than strategic planning, usually one to three years and breaks down each applicable strategic goal into a series of incremental objectives. Strategic planning - is the basis for long-term direction for the organization. Operational planning - The operational plan includes clearly identified coordination activities across department boundaries, communications requirements, weekly meetings, summaries, progress reports, and associated tasks. . 2. Who are the stakeholders? Why is it important to consider their views when planning? Answer: Stakeholders are people that will make money or lose money depending on how the business is doing. Stakeholders provide a lot of the financing for a business so they need to be consulted. 3. What is a mission statement? Why is it important? What does it contain? Answer: The mission statement explicitly declares the business of the organization, as well as its intended areas of operations. The mission statement must explain what the organization does and for whom. 4. What is a vision statement? Why is it important? What does it contain? Answer: The vision statement expresses what the organization wants to become. Vision statements should be ambitious; after all, they are meant to express the aspirations of the organization and to serve as a means for visualizing its future. 5. What is a values statement? Why is it important? What does it contain? Answer: Values statement is an established formal set of organized principles, standards and qualities as well as bench marks for measuring behavior against published values. The values Statement in an organization makes conduct and performance standards clear to its employees and the public. 6. Describe top-down strategic planning. How does it differ from bottom-up strategic planning? Which is usually more effective in implementing security in a large, diverse organization? Answer: Top down strategic planning involves high level managers providing resources and giving directions. Directors also issue polices, procedures and processes and dictate the goals and expected outcomes of the project, they also determine whose is accountable for each of the required actions. Difference between bottom up planning and top down planning is that in top up planning managers give
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TutorialWeek02_Ans - ITC482 Computer Management Security...

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