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Tutorial Week 12 Tutorial Week 12 Week 12: Information Security Project Management Review Questions 1. Why are project management skills important to the information security professional? 2. How can security be both a project and a process? 3. What is an operation, and how does it differ from a project? 4. What are the benefits to an organization that emphasizes project management skills? 5. What are the nine areas that make up the component process of project management? 6. What complications can information security projects face in complex projects? 7. What are the respective drawbacks of having too many or too few people working on a project? 8. What differences between publicly funded and for-profit institutions affect how projects are budgeted? 9. Why is change management important in organizations?
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Unformatted text preview: 10. What benefits can organizations gain by actively managing change? 11. What is a negative feedback loop and how is it used to keep a project in control? 12. What are the three planning parameters that can be adjusted when a project is not being executed according to plan? 13. What are the risks and benefits of outsourcing an information security program? 14. What are the three stages of the Lewin change model? 15. What is resilience to change? 16. Name three tools that can be used to help manage projects. 17. What is a work breakdown structure and why is it important? 18. What is projectitis and how can it be prevented? 19. List the various approaches to task sequencing. 20. How does the PERT/CPM method help to manage a project? _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Page: 1...
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