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Tutorial Week 12 - Solutions Tutorial Week 12 - Solutions Week 12: Information Security Project Management Review Questions 1. Why are project management skills important to the information security professional? Answer: IT organizations are looking for IT personnel that are good in project management, because an information security program has to be managed as a project. Generally, information security is a continuous series, or chain, of projects. 2. How can security be both a project and a process? Answer: Each element of an information security program must be managed as a project, and projects are always led by technically skilled IT personnel so besides being a process, it is a project as well. 3. What is an operation, and how does it differ from a project? Answer: Operations are managed processes (that are not project based), they include the monitoring of the external and internal environments during incident response, ongoing risk assessments of routine operations, and continuous vulnerability assessment and vulnerability repair. 4. What are the benefits to an organization that emphasizes project management skills? Answer: Benefits are: Implementation of a methodology—such as the SecSDLC—ensures that no steps are missed. Creation of a detailed blueprint of project activities can serve as a common reference tool, and make all project team members more productive by shortening the learning curve when getting projects underway. Identification of specific responsibilities for all involved personnel lessens ambiguity and reduces confusion when individuals are assigned to new or different projects. Clear definition of project constraints, including time frame, budget, and minimum-quality requirements increases the likelihood that the project stays within them. Established measures of performance and creation of project milestones simplify project monitoring. To enable the early identification of deviations in quality, time, or budget enables early correction.
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TutorialWeek12_Ans - ITC482 Computer Management & Security...

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