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Important answer least privilege is allowing answer

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Unformatted text preview: er: Least privilege is allowing Answer: employees to access only the information resources they need to in order to perform their duties. Practicing least privilege will keep you from having abusers that could possibly damage data or steal data. possibly 30 15 W hat is intellectual property? Is it offered the same What protection in every country of the world? What laws currently protect it in the U.S. and Europe? currently Answer: Intellectual property is and material or words Answer: created by an individual on their own free time, or at any time depending on the policy their employers issue. Every country in the world may have different definitions as to what intellectual property is defined as. Therefore intellectual property is difficult to protect worldwide. Currently the U.S. Copyright Laws ensure intellectual property in the United States and Europe has the European Council Cyber-Crime Convention. Council 31 What is a policy? How does it differ from a What law? law? Answer: Policy is a formalized description of Answer: acceptable and unacceptable employee behavior, which, when properly defined and enforced, functions the same way as laws within the organization. Unlike law however, ignorance is an acceptable defense, so steps must be taken to assure that policy is communicated, understood, and accepted by employees. and 32 16 Why are project management skills important Why to the information security professional? to Answer: IT organizations are looking for IT Answer: personnel that are good in project management, because an information security program has often has to run a project to implement a new security aspect. Generally, information security is a continuous series, or chain, of projects. continuous 33 What are the three planning What parameters that can be adjusted when a project is not being executed according to plan? according Answer: When a project is not being Answer: executed on plan, three planning parameters can be adjusted: effort and money allocated, elapsed time or scheduling impact, and quality or quantity of the deliverable. quantity 34 17 What is a work breakdown structure What and why is it important? and Answer: In the WBS approach, the Answer: project plan is first broken down into a few major tasks. Each of these major tasks is placed on the WBS task list. WBS is a very simple project management tool and despite its simplicity it could cause problems, if it is not used properly. if 35 18...
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