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Ruby on Rails Workshop3

Ruby on Rails Workshop3 - Workshop 3 Online Taxi Booking...

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Workshop 3 Online Taxi Booking System: MySQL and Database design Topic objectives Develop a database object design for an online taxi booking system (OTBS); Revise database techniques with Rails and SQL Describe how to use the MVC “push-based architecture” in the Ruby on Rails development environment Topic readings Various websites as listed. Discussion 1. Introduction Beginning with a single model, single view and single controller classes will assist with development of the OTBS and its SQL database design. Developed and tested on your local computer using Ruby on rails and browser before migration to the production site. In the Rails environment, applications are developed in the MVC pattern in a DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) manner with a strategy of CoC (Conventions over Configuration) and the whole Rails framework gives you the locus of control plus access to class and utility libraries where the: Model is ActiveRecord as Class ActiveRecord::Base to work SQL tables. View is ActionView template files Class ActionView::Base Controller is ActionController In the previous workshop you were asked to consider the OTBS as our project vehicle for learning about Ruby on Rails as a Web application framework as well as examine the directories where Rails is located. By now you should also have looked at many online tutorials and videos about developing a simple database application with Ruby on Rails. 2. HelloWorld application in Ruby on Rails Consider any discussion on how the Hello World application is made, as described by Armando Fox at the UC Berkeley RAD lab’s Ruby on Rails Short course at http://youtube.com/watch?v=LADHwoN2LMM . In the Hello World application there is NO model, just a single controller called hello_controller.rb with only two controller methods and the view. Each controller method has its corresponding view, which can be called in a URL. 3. The SQL Model and Rails
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In order to simplify our project we have combined the two tables ( passenger_origin and passenger_destination) , into a single table called passengers for these workshops. Now each table row will represent an object instance and each of the twelve (12) columns is an object attribute. The simplest database operations are often described as CRUD (Create, Read, Update
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Ruby on Rails Workshop3 - Workshop 3 Online Taxi Booking...

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