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Unformatted text preview: llr’fivE-flflllfi’lnllfllli-fiillm'lfifivovfi.‘HAWKS-HEM][Elm[Ill/Ev'éilv’fibdnvcbv HE ED References Kg 3 §[email protected]& ® 6' File References Dean aw iI'ML "Ie. or drab Ja-.-aS<:' pl or II‘ML files. here :0 create a new Codeflssist proTi-e. h Glubal References 3F“: 5:: Project m " Helannrldxbnd Hnwis Rails stru instantRails-ZJZJ i learningrails_§.zi fl LittleBnnkflfRu Im-J E Rails and SQLqu § rails.p-clf 'E rails]-sample.pd i rails2-{nde.tgz Q Rails4Days.p-df fi rails_basics.pdf w Rulwnn Rails Wt: w Rubynn Rails 'IIII'c: w Ruhynn Rails 'HII‘n w Rulwnn Rails “h w Rubynn Rails Wu a RuhyTumrial wit ‘ Q. Validatinn £3 lCnmlalServersl B dugyearSJb time.rb '11! usr/blnfruby if A simple Rub).I class.“ if The Greeter class. with initialise and solute methods class Greeter def initializeCname) Oriana - flame.capita'l.i2e and def salute puts "Hello #{Dnane}!" end end # Create a new object 9 . Greeter.neu("mr1d") # Output "Hello Hbrld!” g.salute _ SE mm... a: ISa... name: :— ®1azfli . 1-: " No amia-e Apta " a edrtor h C; Editnrs P C3 Experimental I L3] HTML Writable Insert 4 : 1 I] ...
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