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CE 356 Elements of Hydraulic Engineering HWK SET #1 Assigned the week of Jan 18, 2010 Due Jan 26, 2010 Problem #1 #2 & #3 Download, copy, or develop tables similar to Table 1.1 Table 1.2 and Table 1.3 in the text. Make your tables display the constants in the English System of Units. Problem #4 Download a page sized copy of the Moody Diagram.
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Unformatted text preview: Problem #5 Compute the headloss in 1 mile of 6 in diameter commercial steel pipe. Water is flowing at 4.5 cfs. Water temperature is 70 deg F. Problem #6 Redo the previous problem using a ‘Burgin style’ spreadsheet. Problem #7 Determine, by trial, what discharge would produce twice the headloss found in Problem #5....
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