C2510 Lab Reports S 2010 - Chemistry 2510 Laboratory...

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Chemistry 2510 Introductory Experimental Organic Chemistry Spring 2010 Laboratory Reports The laboratory report should be typed and follow the following format: Cover Page (1) A title page with your name on it. Introduction Section (2) A concise statement of the purpose of the experiment. This need not be long! (3) Balanced equations. Write balanced equations for any significant reactions done in the experiment. (4) Mechanism of Reactions. You must draw (by hand or with chemical drawing software) the mechanism for the formation of the major product from any reaction done in the lab. Results/Observations Section (5) Observations, tables of data, spectra. Tables or figures often work best for the presentation of similar sets of data. Copies of spectra should always be attached to your lab report (and a copy needs also to go in your notebook!). All IR spectra should have major peak assignments on the submitted spectrum. A copy of each spectrum should also be kept in your notebook! When you run a TLC plate, you should include a representation of it in your report (and in your notebook as well!). R f ’s should always be calculated for all spots. (6) Graphs. All plots submitted with your lab report should be created using Excel or a comparable software program. These are generally included in the results/observations section. (7)
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C2510 Lab Reports S 2010 - Chemistry 2510 Laboratory...

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