Pre-Lab Assignment for Lab 2

Pre-Lab Assignment for Lab 2 - TIES AND T ELVIC REG w, draw...

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LAB #2. B PRE-LA Textbook R A. ABD In the di divide th 1. At w 2. Labe quad BODY CAVI B ASSIGN Readings: Ch 1 OMINOPE iagram belo he abdomino hat landmar l the four q rant. TIES AND T MENT 2. The Human B ELVIC REG ow, draw th opelvic cavit rk do these quadrants in THE INTEGU Body: An Orien GIONS AN e appropria ty into four planes cross n the diagr UMENTARY ntation Pg 14 – ND QUAN ate location quadrants. s? am below a Y SYSTEM 20; Ch 5The In DRANTS of the trans nd identify ntegumentary S sverse and s y the organ 1 | P System Pg 160- sagittal plan ns found in age 165. nes to each
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LAB #2. B B. ABDO In the di to divide 1. Desc A) B) C) D) 2. Labe BODY CAVI OMINOPE iagram belo e the abdom ribe the loca l the nine re
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Unformatted text preview: TIES AND T ELVIC REG w, draw the inopelvic ca ation of the egions in the THE INTEGU GIONS e appropriat avity into ni each of the e diagram be UMENTARY te location o ine regions. four planes elow and ide Y SYSTEM of the transv . entify the or verse and pa rgans found 2 | P arasagittal p d in each reg a g e planes ion. LAB #2. BODY CAVITIES AND THE INTEGUMENTARY SYSTEM 3 | P a g e C. FUNCTIONS OF THE SKIN The skin does more than offer protection to our internal organ systems. Name FIVE other functions of the skin and briefly describe how the skin achieves each of these functions. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5....
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Pre-Lab Assignment for Lab 2 - TIES AND T ELVIC REG w, draw...

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