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DP3 – Material Selection for Design page 1/2 Department of Mechanical Engineering Material Selection – a Review 15 May 2009 Engineering Design and Materials 1 (436–285) Item 1. The theory presented by Ashby is underpinned by three principles. Applying these principles to material selection charts allows systematic material selection: 1.1 Design constraints lead to material property limits which limit the acceptable materials; 1.2 Design objectives lead to performance indices which rank the acceptable materials in terms of performance; and, 1.3 Shape factors allow for the efficient use of material. Item 2. Single objective, single constraint material selection (sometimes a basis of Part-B exam questions) Mathematically define the constraint equation from design constraints. For example, a tie-rod (or “tie”) must not yield, therefore materials must satisfy F / A < S y Mathematically define the objective function from design objectives. For example, minimise mass, therefore minimise
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DP3_summary_guidelines_09 - Department of Mechanical...

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