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FS200-NS345 Practice Questions: Food Chemistry Lipids 1. Draw linoleic acid and write the “omega” (n) nomenclature for this fatty acid. How does this differ in structure from stearic acid (18:0)? What important functional property does the difference in structure influence? 2. What is the primary difference between an oil and a fat (how do they exist physically at room temperature)? List a few common fats and oils and their origins (plant or animal). What is the trend? 3. What is the only category of fatty acids that can undergo significant oxidative rancidity? Give two examples of fats/oils that would be susceptible to oxidative rancidity and two that would not. (refer to the fats/oils composition table provided in lecture) Food Pigments 4. What protein is responsible for the red/purple/brown hues of meat? If the meat is heated and oxidized what color will it be?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. The browning of a peeled banana is due to what enzyme? How can this enzyme be inhibited? (give 2 ways) Virtually all plants have this enzyme. Why then don’t beets or watermelon turn the same color as a banana? Why do different apples brown at different rates? Propose various possible explanations. Sugar and fat substitutes 6. Draw Aspartame. Is this a carbohydrate? Explain. What is the basis of the warning label on products containing aspartame? Identify one major advantage of Splenda over aspartame 7. What functional properties of fats/oils are the carbohydrate fat substitutes meant to imitate? What functional property(s) of fats/oils cannot be imitated by carbohydrate-based fat substitutes? Enzymes Give examples of enzymes that act on carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids, that act in foods per se or during digestion....
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