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lists in arch and society - 3 Reasons to study...

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3 Reasons to study architecture: -To Familiarize you with the discipline of architecture, architecture as a phenomenon we experience -To increase environmental experience, awareness, and visual vocabulary -Expanding your knowledge to further appreciate architecture -To make you an activist Impact of Architecture: -Literature, Harry potter -Dramatic Theater, Romeo and Juliet balcony scene -Film, wizard of oz -Music, acoustics -Politics, Rome as the holy city 4 things we draw architecture upon (Architecture as the embodiment of personal values): -Personality -Experiences -Time Period/Contemporary issues -Judgment Hugo Haering: -Democratic-must optimize the individual -Design is an emotive, spiritual process -Beauty is relative -Each building is unique, we must struggle to understand it -Architecture is a romantic art -Function is the generator of Architecture Mies van der Rohe: -Reason is the first principal of all human work -Capitalist-Power institutions will forward society -Design is a rational process -Beauty is universal -Ideal of architecture can be broadly applied -Architecture should exemplify the spirit of the age -Construction is, above all, the inspiration for design Albert Speer: -Society advances themselves through their important leaders -Fate determines destiny -Each different building type should produce its own architecture types -Architecture’s great power comes from inspiring awe -Design is a tool for communicating ideas -Classical periods of architecture are ultimate Vitruvius Triad: -Firmness/Physical Consideration - the stability of a building
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lists in arch and society - 3 Reasons to study...

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