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exam4s06 - CH 369 Exam 4 Multiple Choice 1 The structure of...

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CH 369 Exam 4 Multiple Choice 1) The structure of chlorophyll a is similar to that of the heme group of hemoglobin, except the central atom in hemoglobin is iron and the central atom in chlorophyll is a) magnesium b) manganese c) zinc d) phosphorous e) cobalt 2) Which of the following is a result of the “light reactions” of photosynthesis? 3) In the generation of the proton gradient in photosynthesis, protons are pumped from the _______________ to the ___________________ of the chloroplasts. 4) The C 4 pathway has evolved in some tropical plants. What is the purpose of this pathway? 5) Which statement is true about β -oxidation of an even chain fatty acid? a) Acetyl units are cleaved from the methyl end of the fatty acid. b) Each round in the pathway reduces the acyl-CoA by 3 carbons. c) Each round in the pathway creates one QH 2 , one NADH, and one acetyl-CoA. d) All of these. e) None of these. 6) Which of the following provides energy for fatty acid synthesis from acetyl-CoA onward?
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7) Transamination enzymes require this vitamin or intermediate: 8) In a transamination reaction, ___________ is produced from pyruvate. 9) Some enzymes have evolved such that reactants are moved from active site to active site within the enzyme so as to prevent the loss of intermediates. This is technically known as _________________. a) tunneling b) channeling c) filtering d) transporting e) None of the above
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