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CRT205 Discussion Questions - Week 2 Discussion Q 1 As a...

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Week 2 Discussion Q 1 As a critical thinker for a reader, you can have your own judgment on what your are reading. Everybody reads certain articles differently, and people think differently on political, social or any other items that deals with the world. As a writer, you can write things in a certain way, if the writing is substantial enough, readers will understand what the point you are trying to get across to the readers. this makes you an effective writer, by allowing people to understand the same point of view as your own. .Critical thinking can help your writing because, you can define in your own words what the story is all about. If you are for the story , you will send out positive messages. If the messages are negative from you, you don't support what you just read. So, critical thinking is essential when reading and writing. Reading using critical thinking is to understand what the author wants to say and his or her ideas. It also improves writing by letting the writer explain better his or her ideas on paper without ambiguities, vagueness, or unknown definitions, that can be confusing and sometimes annoying to the reader of the paper. Critical thinking lets the writer express his or her ideas and what is wanted to be informed. For example, in a sentence like "Maria is a nice person" we can notice that the writer is being too vague. Readers that do not know Maria cannot judge her as the writer does. Another sentence would be like "Maria is known for doing charity, by giving children money". Once again, this sentenced seems confusing for a reader. This time the problem is not vagueness, but it is ambiguous which means that the sentence is uncertain or can have different meanings. We do not know what kind of children they are or how much money she is donating. A better sentence can be "Maria is known for doing charity. She donates $100 every month to an organization that keeps children without a family". Discussion Q 2 What is see regarding Owen's email is that there are run on sentences, incomplete sentences, grammar, and punctuation. First thing I noticed is he uses "is" a lot, these should be replaced as "are", depending on what he is talking about. Second is his sentence of "Sometimes what I read I must write about later like this discussion question so clearly I have to read". This sentence does not make any sense at all, I would start the sentence “There are a lot of reading for the upcoming discussion question, I should start reading a take notes for my assignment that is due". Lastly is a bunch of his sentences are repeating itself, and does not explain anything for the reader to understand. There are plenty of tools on line on the Axia site, which can help on his email, that Owen sent out. Choose either this discussion question or the one above.
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CRT205 Discussion Questions - Week 2 Discussion Q 1 As a...

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