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Week 9 Capstone CheckPoint Writing is the major way to develop critical thinking. In the act of writing critical thinking is the process of getting the ideas clear and developing arguments. By learning to think critically it will help me to think the idea through and then write it down. Applying critical thinking to reading I will be able to construct and evaluate arguments, distinguish sound from unsound arguments, facts from opinions. Besides of thinking logically and analytically, when processing the information I will have to think rationally and objectively. When evaluating information from articles, advertising, media, and conversation a critical
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Unformatted text preview: thinker should check up if it is credible, unbiased, and accurate. Articles should be checked for reliability. Credibility and accuracy of information sources such as advertising and media will depend on source's qualifications and reputation. Evaluating any of the sources above, besides of reasonable research one should also see it in relation to his own experience and knowledge. During conversations often people give reasons to some irrelevant claims. Learning to think critically will help recognize when arguments are supported by irrelevant reasons....
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