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Argument Credibilit1 - healthy at the same time The...

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Argument Credibility 1 Argument Credibility Your Name Axia College of University of Phoenix
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Argument Credibility 2 Argument Credibility The article "Obese should exercise not diet" from BBC News shows the opinions of several researchers on losing weight. There is a claim being made that obese women should be encouraged to exercise instead of dieting in order to improve health. A doctor in exercise psychology is giving her advice about eating in moderation but not dieting. Based on my experience and many others on the issue of being on a diet and losing weight, I would say this article might confuse a person in case as she would want to lose weight and stay
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Unformatted text preview: healthy at the same time. The following statement would give them little hope on that: "You can improve fitness without losing weight as you can gain muscle and lose fat and weigh the same or even gain weight". In my opinion besides exercising, food restriction can also have a good impact on losing weight as well as healthy lifestyle since there are good diets. Here is the conclusion: Even though persons that provided the information are experts in this area, their relatedness to fitness environment produces an untrusting impression. A diet psychologist also might make a claim of a healthy lifestyle through a healthy diet....
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Argument Credibilit1 - healthy at the same time The...

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