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Analyzing Credibility - Analyzing Credibility 1 Analyzing...

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Analyzing Credibility 1 Analyzing Credibility Your Name Axia College of University of Phoenix
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Analyzing Credibility 2 Analyzing Credibility From the "Giuliani remembers 9/11" news clip, I made a conclusion that CNN is a news distributor. A Time Warner Company is the publisher that buys news from CNN and creates news reports. When Rudy Giuliani is asked about the presidential campaign, he's making a claim that this contribution would be hard time to do, but it'd be worth it because he could make something special for it. I found it to be a slant in the news media as it is well known that sometimes when people think it should be a political decision, the media slant reflects business rather than politics. Thinking about the reflection to the society at large, the news report is credible. Rudy Giuliani was in the position of New York Mayor. Therefore, his concern and feelings of persons which suffered from 9/11 terror are trustworthy. His expertise and personal reputation represents evidence that his opinion should be trusted. As for Johnson & Johnson Services Inc. Web site, the company itself creates the ads. The
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Analyzing Credibility - Analyzing Credibility 1 Analyzing...

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