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Appendix D Topic Outline and Thesis Statement Guide What is your thesis statement? Although some people view tattoos as simple markings, the Polynesian people use tattooing to celebrate their history and culture. ____________________________________ I. tattooing is a large part of Polynesian culture and considered a sacred art A. Tattoo design or location significant 1. display social status, can show if a person is a chief 2. show a person’s lineage, tribal affiliations B. tattooing a religious ritual 1. Shamans were tattooists 2. cleansing or fasting before getting tattooed 3. God of creation Ta’aroa, taught art to humans II. tattoos in Polynesia have a long history
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Unformatted text preview: A. 2000 year old practice 1. traditional tools - Boars’ teeth, walrus tusks, human bones 2. description of method, comb and needles, pigment, tapped into skin B. Christian missionaries caused decline 1. tried to eliminate tattooing, calling it barbaric and the devils art 2. Hawaiian method kakau completely lost III. Dedication to cultural traditions A. methods remain unchanged 1. traditional tools still used 2. skill passed from father to son B. information passed down in tattoos 1. no written language 2. Samoan warriors used tattoos for intimidation, show accomplishments COM 150...
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