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I normally visit cnn.com, my local online newspaper and the weather channel online. CNN and the weather channel are credible. None of these sites are anonymous. Generally all three of these sites have correct grammar without any misspelled words. My online local newspaper has occasional grammar errors and misspelled words. A lack of credibility may be indicated by anonymity or poor grammar. CNN is not one-sided and report stories from different viewpoints. My local newspaper can be one-sided and does not always report stories from different viewpoints. Credibility is important when doing research for a paper or making a major decision, like
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Unformatted text preview: who to vote for in the upcoming presidential election. Credibility is less important when the information is used for entertainment purposes, such as reading tabloids. Questions that I might ask in order to determine the credibility of an online source would be: Who is the author? What are the author’s credentials? Are there misspelled words or improper grammar on the website? How current is the information? Is the information comprehensive, without leaving out important facts? Who is the websites audience? What is the purpose of the website? Is there another source that corroborates this information? Is the website fair and objective?...
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  • Spring '10
  • tracyclaire
  • local newspaper, USA Today, different viewpoints, The Weather Channel, weather channel, occasional grammar errors

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