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I watched the video on Teddy Roosevelt’s attempted assassination, while giving a speech. The video gave a brief history on John Shrank, the individual that attempted the assassination. The video also described how Roosevelt was going to run for a third term as president. John Shrank did not like the idea of Teddy Roosevelt running for a third term, so he plotted the assassination. When Roosevelt arrived in Wisconsin on October 14 th 1912 to give a speech, Shrank pulled out his gun, in front of hundreds of people and shot Teddy Roosevelt. The bullet went through his eyeglasses case, and then through fifty pages of his speech that was folded up in his jacket pocket, and then penetrated his chest. Even though he was bleeding, the bullet was not life
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Unformatted text preview: threatening, and he still gave his speech. John Shrank was later evaluated by doctors and was declared insane. He spent the rest of his life at Central States Mental Hospital located in Waupun, Wisconsin. I believe this video was factual because there were plenty of witnesses that support the story, physical evidence as well as interviews and documentation on John Shrank. But as far as Teddy Roosevelts actual speech, this was not on the history channels website so I am not sure what the speech was about or whether or not the speech is fact or fiction....
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