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Crack Growth Analysis - Cx Holes - AC

Crack Growth Analysis - Cx Holes - AC - • Validate...

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S.O.W. - UNIVERSITY WORK Airframe Fatigue PROJECT TITLE : Crack Growth Analysis of Cold Expanded Holes OBJECTIVE : Develop a methodology in order to take into consideration the residual stresses generated by cold expansion of a hole during crack growth analysis. DESCRIPTION: The student will be asked to be familiar with classical fracture mechanic analysis methodology used at Bell Helicopter and perform typical analysis. Based on previous residual stress modelization through non linear finite element analysis, the student will develop a method to implement the cold expansion effects into current fracture mechanic analysis techniques. Evaluate cold worked holes residual stress. Assess and develop a method to implement the residual stress into the crack growth analysis. Perform typical crack growth analysis using the developed method.
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Unformatted text preview: • Validate methodology. • Define or validate the range of application of new methodology. DELIVERABLES : • New or enhanced methodology. • Validation reports. SCHEDULE: May to September NO OF HOURS: Total hours: 500 SOFTWARE: • Microsoft Excel • Visual Basic for Application (VBA) • MSC.Patran/Nastran • CRACKS2000 PRE-REQUISITES: • Undergraduate student in mechanical or aerospace engineering, 4 th year student. • Familiar with fatigue and fracture mechanic. • Ability to write technical documentation. BENEFITS: • Better design and substantiation tools (weight saving and maintenance cost reduction). PROJECT SUPERVISOR AT THE UNIVERSITY: • TBD BELL PROJECT SUPERVISOR: • Alain Colle REVISION : PROJECT COST : Unknown UNIVERSITY: SUBMITTED BY: Mathieu Ruël...
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