429 Airframe Optimization Project B JR

429 Airframe Optimization Project B JR - assembly SCHEDULE...

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S.O.W. - UNIVERSITY WORK Airframe Design PROJECT TITLE : (Note : Project A & B are exactly the same. BHTC intends to hire two students) OBJECTIVE : The objective of this project is to reduce weight and cost of the 429 Airframe structure. DESCRIPTION: The intent of this project is to reduce weight & cost of the 429 Airframe structure. Current approach will be to reduce number of parts by integrating existing doublers, spacers and radius blocks in either high speed machinings or composites assemblies. DELIVERABLES : Produce Airframe Design drawings of the optimized detail parts and update their next higher
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Unformatted text preview: assembly. SCHEDULE: May – September 2010 NO OF HOURS: Total hours: 500 SOFTWARE: CATIA V4, Powerpoint PRE-REQUISITES: Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering Student • General knowledge of aircraft structure, strength of materials and composites. • Familiar with CATIA V4 (or at least V5 and eager to learn V4) • Familiar with powerpoint BENEFITS: Reduce weight and improve customer satisfaction PROJECT SUPERVISOR AT THE UNIVERSITY: BELL PROJECT SUPERVISOR: Edith Richard Tel: 450-971-6500, ext 3319 REVISION : PROJECT COST : UNIVERSITY:...
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