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BA08 Strat.Tech Summer Project 2010_Student Request

BA08 Strat.Tech Summer Project 2010_Student Request -...

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S.O.W. - UNIVERSITY PROJECT B PROJECT TITLE : Strategic Technology – Project Management OBJECTIVE : 1. Conduct an investigation on the Strategic Technology previous and current portfolio. Collect all information related to the projects and organize the Strategic Technology portfolio. 2. Create an easily maintainable and user-friendly database (preferably MS.Access) with all Strategic Technology projects details. 3. Create Strategic Technology Internal website. DESCRIPTION: 1. Strategic Technology receives many project proposals per year. A clear visibility is required to see what happens with each project. Which projects did we not work on, which project did we start, which projects did we work on at a later date, which projects are still outstanding but should be worked on, which project did we start, which projects did we complete and where is the technology at present? 2. In order to have manageable overview of the study performed in objective 1, an easy accessible search database in which all the projects are stored with the relevant
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Unformatted text preview: details is required. The database should be not too big in size and have only restricted access to Strategic Technology Core members only. The database must be easy maintainable so that projects can be added and amended at any time. 3. Bombardier Aerospace has an internal website. On this website, the department Strategic Technology has its own webpage. This webpage needs to be created & populated. No major HTML coding is required. DELIVERABLES : 1. Presentation and study report (all papers shall be referenced & electronically stored) 2. Presentation, Database and User guide 3. Webpage and small user guide SCHEDULE: 2010 NO OF HOURS: ~ 500 man-hours. SOFTWARE TRAINING NEEDS: MS package, in particular; MS PowerPoint and MS Access, Internet, Lotus Notes. PRE-REQUISITE: Undergraduate engineering student – 3 rd year completed. PROJECT RESPONSIBLE : Rachel Woen Tjoen Soen x61298 DATE : 22 December, 2009 REVISION : -...
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