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S.O.W. - UNIVERSITY PROJECT PROJECT TITLE : Structures Technology Mapping OBJECTIVE : Identify and research existing and emerging technologies to support the assessment of knowledge gaps at Bombardier. DESCRIPTION: As a Technology mapping focal, you will search emerging and existing technologies, document & analyze data, perform competitive or technological benchmarking using a set of methods and processes (such as patent mapping), to assess how these technologies can answer our customer’s needs. This will enable Bombardier to identify, evaluate, and act upon opportunities and threats that have been identified in the industry and bring innovation to our future platforms through the use of these new technologies. Typical examples of areas of interest include; new manufacturing techniques for
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Unformatted text preview: aircraft primary and secondary structure and novel flight control actuation systems. You will also be required to document and improve our internal technology mapping methods and processes. DELIVERABLES : Technology mapping methods and reports. BENEFITS: Bombardier: Better assess emerging technologies as well as close knowledge gaps. Student: Broader understanding of strategic technologies in the aerospace industry. PRE-REQUISITE: Aerospace engineering student (Masters or 3 rd yr undergraduate) with a keen interest in aerospace, strategy and innovation. Knowledge of structural design is a plus. PROJECT RESPONSIBLE : Alain Olsen SCHEDULE: Summer 2010 NO OF HOURS: ~ 500 man-hours. DATE : January 14 th , 2010...
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