BA04 Environmentally_Friendly_Aircraft_SOW_for_Structures_for_2010

BA04 Environmentally_Friendly_Aircraft_SOW_for_Structures_for_2010

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S.O.W. - UNIVERSITY PROJECT PROJECT TITLE : Environmentally Focused Aircraft OBJECTIVE : Structural Optimization of unconventional aircraft configurations. DESCRIPTION: The project consists of increasing the scope of an existing tool by developing new methods to enable conceptual prediction for structural optimization for unconventional aircraft configurations. The student will have to generate, validate and apply optimization schemes, which combine several existing stand-alone applications (geometry generation, aerodynamics, load prediction, etc.) which will be used in an Multi- disciplinary Optimization (MDO) setup. The goal is to optimize a given problem based on a specific objective function. DELIVERABLES : Development, validation, and documentation of a structural design method for lifting surfaces, and application of these methods into an existing tool to assist with the MDO design of
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Unformatted text preview: one or more unconventional aircraft configurations at conceptual level. BENEFITS: Industry: Develop a tool to support Bombardiers Advanced Product Development activities and Strategic Technology initiatives. Student: Increase knowledge of lifting surface loading, stress analysis, structure design, MDO, and aircraft configurations. PRE-REQUISITE: Aerospace engineering student (Masters or 3 rd yr undergraduate) with a keen aerospace interest. The student must have a good understanding of mathematics, physics, and optimization methods using Matlab. Knowledge of structure design and mass properties a plus. PROJECT RESPONSIBLE : Sunil Mistry x62776 / Alain Olsen SCHEDULE: Summer 2010 NO OF HOURS: ~ 500 man-hours. DATE : January 6 th , 2010...
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