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S.O.W. - UNIVERSITY PROJECT PROJECT TITLE : Standardization of aerodynamic models and harmonization with Parameter Estimation methodology OBJECTIVE : Contribute to the definition of aerodynamic modeling standards and harmonize with on-going Parameter Estimation initiative. DESCRIPTION: The Flight Simulation group has undertaken the conversion of simulation models from MatrixX to Matlab/Simulink. In this process, a standardization initiative has been undertaken in order to create a homogeneous nomenclature, structure and architecture across all aircraft models. The intern will contribute to the standardization initiative. Amongst their many applications, the simulation models are used for the design of new aircraft. They are based on data collected in wind tunnel tests, from empirical estimation methods, from computational fluid dynamics and from flight test. The latter are essential for the final definition and validation of the aerodynamic models. Flight tests are the focus of a Strategic Technology and PDT initiative aimed at developing a
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Unformatted text preview: method to update aerodynamic models from flight test data. Work breakdown Familiarization with Boimbardier Models and MatrixX 2 weeks Update of modeling standards 1 week Programming of criteria 2 weeks Conversion of Challenger 300 model 2 weeks Model validation vs. flight test data 4 weeks Parameter Estimation: harmonization with modeling standards 5 weeks DELIVERABLES : Converted aircraft model, documentation of standards, standardized programs applicable to all aircraft models SCHEDULE: May 2010 NO OF HOURS: 16 weeks SOFTWARE TRAINING NEEDS: None PRE-REQUISITE:- Undergraduate mechanical engineering student – 2 nd or 3 rd year completed- The candidate must have good programming skills, knowledge of Windows and UNIX operating systems. Matlab/Simulink expertise is essential. PROJECT RESPONSIBLE : Andrius Knystautas x59842 (back-up: Sandrine de Jesus Mota) DATE : Jan 15, 2010 REVISION:--...
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