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S.O.W. - UNIVERSITY WORK PROJECT TITLE : In-Situ Shot-Peening OBJECTIVE : The objective of this project is to determine the effect of in-situ shot-peening (portable unit) on the mechanical properties of aluminum and steel alloys when compared with conventional fixed methods. Shot-peened samples will be tested in the laboratory under static and dynamic loads. DESCRIPTION: Shot-peening processes specified by Bell Helicopter are performed at an approved supplier’s facility using mechanically operated gantry machines or rotating tables. In cases where parts are already assembled on the aircraft, specifying shot-peening as a repair method on a damaged part can be very expensive. This would entail disassembly, packaging, and shipping to the approved shot-peening source leading to significant cost increases and production delays. Ways to improve the fatigue properties of parts using hand operated, portable shot-
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Unformatted text preview: peening methods exist, however, limited fatigue data is available. Portable methods will therefore be evaluated and compared with currently specified shot-peening techniques. DELIVERABLES : Provide an evaluation of different hand operated portable shot-peening methods. Through laboratory testing, determine the effect of using portable shot-peening techniques on the mechanical properties of aluminum and steel alloys when compared with conventional shot-peening techniques. SCHEDULE: May – September 2010 NO OF HOURS: Total hours: 500 SOFTWARE: Excel, Word PRE-REQUISITES: Materials, Metallurgical, or Mechanical Engineering Student • General knowledge of laboratory testing, and strength of materials BENEFITS: Allow repair of parts on-site, avoiding major disassembly PROJECT SUPERVISOR AT THE UNIVERSITY: BELL PROJECT SUPERVISOR: Joe Aquino Tel: 450-971-6500, ext. 2534 REVISION : PROJECT COST : UNIVERSITY:...
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