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Fatigue Tests - Surface Finish - AC

Fatigue Tests - Surface Finish - AC - data and conformity...

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S.O.W. - UNIVERSITY WORK Metallic Materials & Processes PROJECT TITLE : Effect of Surface Finish on Fatigue Properties OBJECTIVE : The objective of this project is to determine the effect of surface finishes on the fatigue properties of various aluminum material and product form. DESCRIPTION: Aluminums from various product form and shape are widely used at Bell Helicopter. Some of those aluminums are more sensitive to surface finish (roughness) when it comes to fatigue properties. Due to lack of data, we conservatively take into account the effect of rough surface finish when performing fatigue analysis of aluminum structures. The aim of this project would be to gather fatigue properties for aluminums with various surface finishes and compare them against each other in order to define improvements or knockdown factors for each surface finish. Prepare specimens for testing. Perform fatigue testing of the specimens. Prepare and release an engineering report including the data recorded, as well as the process to record this
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Unformatted text preview: data and conformity of the tests. The report shall present a comparison of the results for the various surface finishes. DELIVERABLES : • SN curves and test data. • Engineering report containing, comparing and analysis test data. SCHEDULE: May to September NO OF HOURS: Total hours: 500 SOFTWARE: • Microsoft Office • Visual Basic for Application (VBA in Excel) PRE-REQUISITES: • Undergraduate student in mechanical, materials or aerospace engineering, 4 th year student. • Ability to write technical documentation. • General knowledge of laboratory testing and strength of materials BENEFITS: • Improved surface finish factors for fatigue properties or aluminum (weight saving & maintenance cost reduction). PROJECT SUPERVISOR AT THE UNIVERSITY: • TBD BELL PROJECT SUPERVISOR: • Joe Aquino REVISION : PROJECT COST : Unknown UNIVERSITY: SUBMITTED BY: Mathieu Ruël...
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