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SOW - UNIVERSITY PROJECT 2010 PROJECT TITLE : Technology and tools review and assessment for Integrated Modular Architectures in commercial and business Aircraft development. OBJECTIVE : Conduct a literature review of various proposed Modular Architectures for the Integration of mixed criticality aircraft systems and functions. Define a methodology for assessing the shared resources budget allocation (CPU, Memory Network Bandwidth …) Provide guidelines and methodology for future aircraft development programs. . DESCRIPTION: Bombardier Aerospace has started a number of activities related to the so called Highly Integrated and Integrated Modular Avionics (HIS-IMA) architecture. These are concepts that replace numerous black boxes and point to point wiring with fewer more centralized processing units and databuses and Integrates Mixed Criticality Systems and offer potential for optimizing system computing resources for aircraft systems. By sharing computing resources and streamlining development processes, HIS-IMA is anticipated to
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