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BA20 CIADI_Set_based_design - curves and checklists are...

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S.O.W. - UNIVERSITY PROJECT PROJECT TITLE : Limit Curves to support Set-Based Design Process in Product Development. OBJECTIVE : Assist in the implementation of Set-Based Design within the aerospace Product Development groups. Specifically assist in the definition of representative Limit and/or Trade-off Curves that will be used to support future design decisions. DESCRIPTION: Set-Based Design is a methodology which considers a set of design solutions and progressively eliminates the weaker ones, until an optimal design solution remains. As practiced at Toyota, this approach has Engineers spending up to 80% of their time on design instead of non-value added activities. Applying a Set-Based approach to design is heavily dependent upon having a solid established base of captured knowledge. Simplified representations of design knowledge in the form of limit and trade-off
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Unformatted text preview: curves and checklists are used in the process to substantiate decisions at key points in a product’s development timeline. This project will consist of the elaboration of some representative curves that can be used to illustrate and communicate the Set-Based Design methodology. The curves will also be valid and sufficiently accurate to allow their use in first generation of Set-Based Design at Bombardier. DELIVERABLES : Representative Limit and/or Trade-Off Curves that satisfy the design decisions made in a Set-Based Design context. SCHEDULE: Summer 2010 NO OF HOURS: ~ 500 man-hours. SOFTWARE TRAINING NEEDS: MS excel, PowerPoint PRE-REQUISITE: Undergraduate engineering student – 2 nd year completed. PROJECT RESPONSIBLE : Jim Banks x62623 (backup Sylvie Martineau x 59475) DATE : Dec 9, 2009 REVISION :--...
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