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BA14 KM Development Engineer - Summer 2010 SoW

BA14 KM Development Engineer - Summer 2010 SoW - KM tool...

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S.O.W. - UNIVERSITY PROJECT PROJECT TITLE : Knowledge Management (KM) Development Engineer OBJECTIVE : - Integrate into the Bombardier Aerospace Knowledge framework an existing Bombardier Transportation KM software tool - Assist with Web 2.0 enhancements to the tool DESCRIPTION: As part of the Product Development Transformation initiative, the candidate is an integral KM team member who collaborates within a multi-functional organization. Bombardier Aerospace (BA) (Montreal, QC) is in the process of development a KM system. A major portion of the KM solution is to integrate a Bombardier Transportation (BT) (Berlin, Germany) Knowledge software tool into the Bombardier Aerospace Knowledge framework and then to enhance the BT tool to enable Web 2.0 applications. Some of the responsibilities of the candidate include regular communication via teleconference with Bombardier Transportation in Berlin, Germany to ascertain the
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Unformatted text preview: KM tool requirements as well as briefing the multiple BA communities that will be using the tool. An understanding of Lotus Notes and Web 2.0 applications (mainly Wikis) is an asset as the candidate will be regularly exposed to them. DELIVERABLES : - An operational online KM platform- A 20-min project summary presentation to departmental management SCHEDULE: Summer 2010 NO OF HOURS: 500 person-hours SOFTWARE TRAINING NEEDS: MS Windows, Lotus Notes, general knowledge of Web 2.0 applications PRE-REQUISITE:- Undergraduate engineering student – 2 nd or 3 rd year completed- Basic programming skills not mandatory but would be considered an asset PROJECT RESPONSIBLE : Chedid Haddad – x62545 Fassi Kafyeke, PhD – x57186 (backup) DATE : Jan 12, 2010...
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