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[Univ_short] Agreement [Insert_Contract#] to Project Attachment [Insert_PA#] - Page 3 of 6 University Statement of Work Turbine Rotating Structures Project Title : Advanced TMF/Creep Lifing System Objective : Support the development and validation of an advanced TMF/creep lifing system for cooled turbine blades. Description : The student will help in the development of a TMF/Creep lifing system of turbine blades by: 1. 3D blade viscoplastic stress analysis using true stress-strain plastic properties of turbine blade materials, 2. TMF/creep interaction modeling using different approaches, 3. Development of Creep Criteria for Cooled Blades (Notch Effect) 4. Modeling of TMF test specimens to calibrate the TMF lifing curves, 5. Updating all available creep and plastic properties of blade materials in ANSYS
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Unformatted text preview: Deliverables :  Updated material properties in ANSYS library,  Memos & reports summarizing the above works Benefits : Predict TMF and creep life for cooled turbine blades Schedule : Start Date: [01/05/2010] End Date: [30/04/2011] No. of Hours : Total man-hours: 1200 man-hours (with possible extension of 200 man-hours) Supporting I/O : 20010500 Software : MS Excel, ANSYS, CATIA, Data reduction and fitting (DataFit) Pre-Requisite :  Basic knowledge in thermal and stress analysis and fatigue testing  Graduate Student University Project Supervisor : P&WC Project Supervisor : J. Chamoun M. Roshan Fekr Tel: 450-647-7454 Tel: 450-677-9411 Ext. 4713 Revision date : University : Concordia University Export Controls : John Pietrobon (Turbine Design)...
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