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J. Chamoun summer 2010 3 - Deliverables Summarize and...

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[Univ_short] Agreement [Insert_Contract#] to Project Attachment [Insert_PA#] - Page 3 of 6 P&W PROPRIETARY University Statement of Work Your Department Name here Project Title : LCF Design Curve Validation Objective : Establish a new design criterion for different stress states Description : Available spin pit test data of turbine cover plates and discs indicate that current LCF design curves are conservative when used for uni-axial stress cases. This can lead to an unnecessary oversized turbine cover plates and thin bore discs, which reflect directly on engine total weight. New modeling of available spin tests using ANSYS is required to calibrate and establish new LCF design curves for different stress states (bi-axiality effect).
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Unformatted text preview: Deliverables : Summarize and document the work in memos Benefits : Improve LCF life Prediction Schedule : Start Date: [01/05/2010] End Date: [30/04/2011] No. of Hours : Total man-hours: 1200 man-hours (with possible extension of 200 man-hours) Supporting I/O : 20010893 Software : MS Excel, ANSYS, CATIA, MiniTab or SuperSmith Pre-Requisite :  Basic knowledge in FE stress analysis and fatigue testing University Project Supervisor : P&WC Project Supervisor : J.H. Chamoun Z. Chao, M. Tennich Tel: 450-647-7454 Tel: 905-564-7500 Ext. 7721, 450-677-9411 Ext. 5771 Revision date : University : Export Controls : John Pietrobon (Turbine Design)...
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