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Project: Support Joint MTU/PWA Life Limited Part (LLP) Description: The current life prediction system for turbine rotors is based on classical LCF methodology in the form of S-N curves or Goodman diagrams. Such lifing system has its limitation when advanced materials, that exhibit different failure modes, are used for aggressive designs to reduce total engine weight while maintaining acceptable service life. A new world class fatigue lifing system is being developed jointly by PWA and MTU for gas turbine life limited parts. PWC Turbine Rotors will be joining this effort in which a unified fatigue modelling approach will be applied for all critical
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Unformatted text preview: locations. The expected benefit is a significant reduction of fatigue life scatter, which results in an improvement of the predicted life. New stress analyses using ANSYS with updated constitutive models will be completed for some of the available test data on Nickel alloys (Waspaloy, Powder IN100). In collaboration with PWA/MTU, the new advanced lifing system will be adapted to PWC needs, in particular for some of the Turbine components materials. Manager: J.H. Chamoun Tel.: 450-647-7454 Engineer: M. Tennich Tel.: 450-677-9411 Ext. 5771...
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