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Andre Ip summe 2010 1 - University Statement of Work 4’...

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Unformatted text preview: University Statement of Work 4’» Pratt & Whitney Canada YOUI' Department Name here Une société de United Technologies /A United Technologies Company Project Title: Objective: Description: Deliverables: Benefits: Schedule: No. of Hours: Supporting I/O: Software: Pre-Reguisite: E-Focus task management for engineering flow improvement Support E—Focus task management initiative via development and implementation of engineering operating procedure (EOP) for task management policy, development and implementation of engineering scorecard metrics Review pertinent literature on task management policy and engineering performance metrics in product development. Develop proposal for engineering scorecard metrics Develop proposal for task management policy EOP Survey key individuals on proposals, gather feedback, develop and provide recommendations implement recommendations. Develop/modify standard work. Proposed engineering performance scorecard metrics Proposed engineering task management policy Summary of key stakeholders feedback Recommendations Standard work The aerospace industry is important to the Canadian economy. Improving the competitiveness of the engineering organization involved in product development is critical in ensuring the continued prevalence of Canada and Quebec as a preferred location for new development projects, in a context of global competition. This project will benefit P&WC in helping define appropriate performance measures for P&WC engineering organization, and improve engineering flow by establishing appropriate policy for managing engineering tasks. . Start Date: [01-05-2010] End Date: [31-05—2011] Provide total person-hours: [1000] person—hours (with possible extension of [200] person— hours). The built—in extension is for contingency only, and should not exceed 40% of the original request. Work hours must be less than 40 hours per week. 5994-24 30006337 5 MS Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Project, etc). . Undergrad or Masters . Prior experience in lean manufacturing or lean product development 0 Prior experience in benchmarking 0 Previous exposure with ACE, 6 sigma preferred [Univ_short] Agreement [Insert_Contract#] to Project Attachment [Insert_PA#j - Page 3 of 7 P&W PROPRIETARY ...
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