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Patrick M Paradis for summer 2010 1

Patrick M Paradis for summer 2010 1 - Universn"...

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Unformatted text preview: Universn" Statemem Of W°rk *4 Pratt & Whitney Canada R epgi f process Development one wears do bn red TECHDQinOS 1A Unmd Technologies Corina n y WM ProieCt Title: Continuzty of particxpation to achieve goals associate to Cold Spray Technology Dev't. 99.2.9533: improve repairs processes robustness & develop components repair techniques. w: The Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) service center represents a complete business from the aftermarket point of view and works in a highly effective teamwork environment. The serv ice center specializes in the repair and overhaul of P8.WC engines and components, in a Deliverables: Specimen preparation. Microscopy observations and analysis performed Final report Covering work. Benefits: Prepare and perform laboratory evaluations necessary to benefit daily activities and variouS research programs such as : Development follow—up on Cold Spray deposit testing program Schedule: Start Date: May 2010 End Date: Aug 2010 No. of Hours: Provide total person-hours: 500 person—hours (the core hours) (with possible extension of 200 person-hours (additional hours». The built-in extension is for contingency only, and should not exceed 40% of the original request. Work hours must be 40 hours per week. We are looking for full time students. Suggortlngl/O: ,Jozesg— 7C31§t1 Software: Excel, Word,A4l docul pre_Re. "555:9. Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Student —\1L___- Good knowledge of Gas Turbine engine operation First or second year of mechanical engineering degree French and English spoken. read an written Capable to work in a shop environment Capable to work with a minimum of supervision Capable to work on metallurgical and chemical processes analySis University Project N/A SUQeW‘isor: W Patrick Paradls 450—468—2555 ext 57744 Su erv isor: REVlSl’QH date: 26 June 2509 Univexity: Ecole de Technologie Superleure '1}va fart; Agrel'mer't ilrise-rtkfor’tracftxl tr, PHI-ed Attichrweht finder: Fifi :1} ~ {-2in E at ‘ P&W PROPRIETARY ...
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