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S numberofcaseshaveincreased numberofdeathsdecreased

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Unformatted text preview: ion – Cervical Cancer The best ways to prevent cervical cancer are to: Delay first intercourse Use condoms Have fewer sexual partners Have routine Pap tests Routine Pap Breast Cancer Breast Cancer Most common type of cancer affecting women in U.S. Number of cases have increased Number of deaths decreased – Better detection – Better education – Better diagnosis – Earlier detection Most common in White females African American women more likely to die 200,000 cases diagnosed annually Nearly 40,000 will die Risk Factors – Breast Cancer Being female Age, 80% occur to women over 50 Family History Having a mother or sister First period before age 12 Menopause after age 51 Genetic predisposition Breast cancer gene Risk Factors – Breast Cancer Alcohol use Excess weight Never having children or first child after age 30 Hormone Replacement Therapy Smoking Unusual sleep patterns Symptoms – Breast Cancer Most breast lumps aren't cancerous. Yet the most common sign of breast cancer for both men and women is a lump or thickening in the breast. Often, the lump is painless. Other signs of breast cancer include: – – – – – A spontaneous clear or bloody discharge from your nipple Retraction or indentation of your nipple A change in the size or contours of your breast Any flattening or indentation of the skin over your breast Redness or pitting of the skin over your breast, like the skin of an orange Diagnosis – Breast Cancer Breast Exam Mammography Biopsy – Clinical – annually – Self breast exam – monthly – Starting at age 40 – When suspicious lump is found Treatment – Breast Cancer Surgery – – – – Radiation Therapy Chemotherapy Hormone Therapy • • Lumpectomy Partial mastectomy Simple mastectomy Radical mastectomy Tamoxifen Aromatase inhibitors Prevention – Breast Cancer Eat foods high in fiber Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables Include soy in the diet Limit fat intake Limit red meat Limit alcohol Exercise Maintain a healthy weight Other issues Fibrocystic Breast Disease Fibroids Endometriosis Ovarian Cysts Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Discuss, how you benefited form the information you learned today (be specific and give examples)? What information you learned today will share with another person? Discuss three things your learned new today or that your found interesting about the male or female. (explain what you learned and why it is important)...
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