diffrences between robusts and gracial

diffrences between robusts and gracial - - - diffrences...

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- diffrences between robusts and gracial o - explain equation on pg 200 - ask #7 Lec 11 a study questions - Evolutionary trends o Increase of mandible then decrease din homo sapiens. o Brain Size increases o Molars get smaller, premoals get more like the molas, broad and low cusp o Robust had small molars to start off with o Canines reduced. Afarensis had a chimp size canine then reduced over time. - Know what clovid did and the first migration - Erectus us the first to leave Africa - Everything outside of Africa is erectus - Transitional because they are hard to pick up. Archaic homosapiens are very variabke. So it’s a middle transition period. Has parts of both. - We chould know the cranal capacity of the different species. Homo habilis had big brain relatively to their body size They also had tools Olduwan Homo Erectus Contorl of fire distinguish homo habilis and homo erectus Allows us to move to colder areas Better nutrition More calories in the food after fire Colon got proportionally smaller Erectus used Acheulean Makes tools Migration Neandtheral - big brow ridges - no chins - large occipital bun - believe din life after death o had burial sites - bipedalism started in austrapolitcus. We are heterodontic We are K selection b/c we care of our young Sagital crest is key in looking for difference between skulls Occipital are is highly evolved cuz it contorls vision Look at 5 or 4 cusp List the tools associated with homo habilis
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Homo erectus Neanderthals Homo erectus from homo habilis – fire culturally. Morpholpgically is bigger Relying on plant foods is large stomach and larg colon Neanderthals buried their dead List two types of austro The reason for their robust features is cuz of their diet. They ate hard to chew food. Jaw of Human is more V shaped
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diffrences between robusts and gracial - - - diffrences...

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